Consider this:  A plumber and an electrician both work in the construction industry.  Each have their own unique training programs, with apprenticeships, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of serving in their respective fields.

Once the training is finished, they start working in their trades and over time gain valuable knowledge and experience that is unique to their chosen professions.

Given the professional backgrounds of these tradespeople, if you had a lighting problem in your home and you needed to bring in someone to take care of it, would you hire a plumber to do the job?  They’re both in the construction industry:  would you go that route?

When it comes to the health care industry, would you entrust anyone other than one who is trained and experienced in their respective profession(s), with something as precious as your mind and body?

Think about it.  Carefully.  It could mean the difference between the relief from suffering, and the perpetuation of it.