There are complicated ways to rest and restore the bodymind and then there are easy, simple ways of doing the same thing. I stay away from the complicated ones that involve driving too far away from home or spending too much time searching for suitable parking, as they can tire me out even further when I’m already exhausted. 🙂 I like to keep things simple, while at the same time, workable and effective.

When I do, things work out really well. I can spend the energy I have to create the conditions for my bodymind to do its work to rejuvenate its vital energies, and, do so from the convenience of own home to boot. Without fail, I find the relief I seek from the stress and fatigue I’m carrying.

I accomplish this through Yoga.

A gentle, restorative style of Yoga that is, where the holds are long and the body is well supported in the postures.

In practicing this way, the “medicine” flows from the inside out, from the bodymind itself. After all, it knows how to rest and restore itself. All we need to do is give it the space it needs to do so. I love spending the time at home doing just that. And it fits nicely into my busy schedule too.

Here’s a posture I draw great benefit from every time I do it. It slows down the restless mind while calming an over charged nervous system. With a pillow between the knees, this Lying Down Fetal position, provides relief to a tired lower back as well.

What you’ll need is a mat if you have one, 2 pillows from your bed, one blanket, and a second blanket if you’d like.

  • Come down onto your mat, lying down onto one side of the body. A blanket against the floor would work just fine too.
  • Allow yourself to draw both knees into your chest into a fetal position. Bring one arm to rest on the floor above your head. Allow your head to rest against this extended arm. The opposite arm can rest in front of the body in a comfortable position.
  • Then, place one pillow lengthwise between your knees and calves. For added comfort, place a second pillow behind you on the mat, against the lower and upper back. It feels comforting to the body to add this extra step.
  • You might also want to place a blanket over your body for an added cozey feeling.

Okay, I know it sounds like a lot of work. It just takes some maneuvering to get the body into the right position. The pillows provide a nice cradling sensation for the bodymind. They really do add something special to this Lying Down Fetal position.

Allow yourself to rest here in this way for 5 to 10 minutes, or until it feels as though it’s time to come out of this posture.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, this posture done in bed with a pillow between the knees and covers over the body is an effective way of welcoming in the sandman. I like to watch the movement of the breath in my body while resting in this position. Within 15 minutes, I’m asleep. Works like a charm.

Consider gifting yourself with this simple restorative style posture when you feel the need to rest and restore your vital energies, or when you need a little help falling asleep. You’ll be so glad you did.