Being in the world “out there” carries with it more weight than does being in the world “in here”.

When we’re “in here”, we’re thought to be navel gazing, time wasting, being selfish, airy fairy, and on it goes.

But when we’re “out there”, we’re thought to be taking charge, getting things done, problem solving, achieving, just to name a few.

There’s a social bias around the masculine traits mentioned above being better than the feminine traits mentioned here, of being receptive, nurturing, intuitive, reflective, body minded.

One of the reasons we feel out of balance with ourselves is because where we put our attention has gone out of whack.  We over focus on the masculine, at the expense of the feminine.   And we’re encouraged to do so through our social conditioning.

Yet inherently, both are of equal value.

There are many social and religious reasons behind why this is so that we won’t get into today.  Suffice it to say we’ve been sold a bit of doo doo when it comes to where we need to be putting our attention.

I’m not trying to be subversive here, I’m simply pointing out that for many of us, our view of what’s important has been skewed.  And what’s worse, we may not even know it.

It’s normal to over value the masculine at the expense of the feminine.  And it’s this fundamental belief that wreaks havoc with our psychological well-being.

Interested in coming back into balance with yourself?

Here’s a quick question to ponder:  Are you a human doing, or are you a human being?

If you’re a human doing, you’re taking action in the world at the expense of your inner world.  Chances are you’re out of touch with your body, your feelings, your intuition, and maybe even your Spirit.  Your emotional cup may runneth over, and you may be  overwhelmed and stressed out alot of the time.  In a word, you may feel really ungrounded.

Here’s a well kept secret:  coming back into balance with ourselves takes a simple shift in where we put our attention.

That means taking the time to turn your attention back to the inside ‘you’, and making friends with who and what you find there.  This is a tried and true pathway to coming into balance and by extension, knowing peace.

The feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves are not rivals, but allies.  Each warrant our careful attention.  Each are connected to who we are as people.

In fact, we need both sets of these wonderful human characteristics to be in operation for us to feel good about ourselves and engaged in the world in a meaningful way.  Each fuel our efforts to challenge who we think we are and grow into the person we were meant to be.

On the eve of Easter, a time of re-birth and renewal, are you ready to bring your attention back to the forgotten feminine within?