“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
From Ecclesiastes in the Bible, and a song written by Pete Seeger, made famous by The Byrds in 1965.

* * *

Infants know.  They know who they are and feel connected to all things.  Left unharmed, they live in a field of bliss, surrounded by their loved one(s), doing what they love to do, be their adorable selves.

If harmed, infants, and children, become disconnected from this field of bliss and become separated from their real self, and others.  This gives birth to an unbareable pain, a pain their unconscious mind deals with by forgetting.

There are benefits to forgetting.  By forgetting they can keep the love of their parents, survive childhood, and have a chance to grow up to be adults.

Once they’re adults however, things get complicated. The unbareable pain that’s been successfully forgotten starts to reveal itself in unexpected ways: Relationship turmoil, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, destructive eating patterns, to name a few.

Humans don’t like pain, so we find creative ways of softening it, repressing it, keeping it out of our conscious awareness.  For some, this can turn into an addictive behaviour(s) that serves a very important purpose:  to maintain the posture of forgetting.

Forgetting can effectively go on for years, even decades, until the moment comes when the pain of repressing the pain becomes so great, that it humbles them to their metaphorical knees.  At that moment, grace emerges and they become open to healing.

Healing implies allowing themselves to remember what they’ve long since forgotten.  To bring into conscious awareness those memories, and their accompanying feelings, they’ve needed to banish to the basement of their minds in order to survive.

But now survival takes on a whole new meaning:  Now in order to survive they need to remember what they’ve forgotten.

For those who get it that to have a life worth living they need to remember, their future looks bright.

It means letting go of the pain and making room for the peace.  It means coming  back home to their authentic themselves, and to the people they love and who love them.  It means connecting again with that field of bliss, the very Essence of who are, they once knew when they were infants.

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Is this your time to remember?