Feeling stuck in your emotions?  Frustrated by the pain of inertia, like you’re not getting anywhere?

I sure have.

Two little words have been a strong catalyst for helping me through.  I’d never seen them together before until I’d realized what had been moving me through my own emotional quagmire.

These two little words hold real power to affect the course of your life, too. Are you ready?  Here they are:

Radical honesty.

Simply put, radical, refers to a tendency toward creating fundamental change, and, honesty, refers to the qualities of frankness, genuineness, and sincerity. In our case, taken together they refer to creating fundamental change in the mind through the act of being frank, genuine or sincere.  In a word, truthful. T

Truthfull with oneself, that is.

Radical honesty is the fuel that helps us to deal with what we don’t want to deal with, but now feel we have to in order to go on. Radical honesty opens us up to the stuff we’ve successfully hidden from ourselves in order to survive.  The painful stuff.  The stuff we’ve repelled from our awareness out of a desperate fear we’d fall apart if we looked at it for any length of time.

Radical honesty slices through to what the pain is really all about.

I admit, getting radically honest with ourselves isn’t easy to do. It’s unpopular in a world where it’s normal to live under layers and layers of fictitious beliefs and attitudes about ourselves.

But it is possible to do.

And for those of us who dare, it pays GREAT psychological dividends:  A clear mind, a quiet mind, an emotional landscape in harmony with itself, a felt connection to body, a felt connection to self, a felt connection to the tranquil energy all around us, and now, within.

Radical honesty is the secret ingredient for personal growth and transformation.  How secret is this secret ingredient in your life.