There’s a word out there that gets bandied about a lot in the self-help and psychological healing environments, both online and off.  It’s a big word, a mighty word, because it’s a word that has powerful implications for your life and mine.  It’s a word that speaks to what unites us with the plants and animals that inhabit our beautiful planet along with us.  And it’s a word that speaks to the way our Creator has made us.

And that word is transformation.

Transformation literally means to go beyond the form of something.

Everything on our planet, and some even say the universe itself, has the potential to go beyond its current form.  It’s been true for our plant neighbors over time that have adapted to their environments and evolved into more efficient versions of themselves, and it’s been true for our animal friends as well.

Being part of the natural world, humans have the capacity to transform too, whether it’s physically or psychologically or spiritually.  However, psychological and spiritual development is what separate us from our sentient friends in the plant and animal kingdoms.

Psychological and spiritual transformation means yielding to the inner impulse to move forward, whatever that might mean at the time.  It might mean healing the old wounds that are ready to be healed, or outgrowing an old way of being, or moving away from a disconcerting relationship, and transitioning into a renewed and revitalized version of ourselves.  This growth can take us into a more authentic version of who we are minus the societal rules and expectations of others and the pain that comes along with living life through the veil of a false version of our self.

Humans are built for transformation.  It’s the way our Creator has made us.

Who are we to stand in the way of our Creator?

To go beyond the form of something, to transform, gives new meaning to the words ‘go with the flow’.

I assure you standing in the way of the natural flow of your own life is the one thing that will affect your peace of mind the most.