In the first part of our discussion about moving through the mind from confusion to clarity, we talked about The Maze. Where it feels like there’s one metaphorical wall after another to overcome as we’re working hard to outgrow our pain. It’s exasperating. It’s exhausting. And it can feel as though we’re caught in something that is never going to end.

What if we know we want to escape The Maze, but don’t know how? Is there anything we can do to make this happen?

There are things we can do, yes.

But before we go there, let me ask you a couple of related questions: Do you believe there is an inherent flaw in your psychological make-up that needs to be corrected? Do you think you are in need of fixing? Are you broken?

If you believe you are broken, then you will be looking for something to fix you (psychologically): A new therapy, a new medication, the right doctor or therapist, someone or something that will make things right.

This line of thought implies there is something or someone that has the power to do this, and by extension, that you hold less power than they do in your healing process.

However, if you believe you are not broken, then healing won’t be about finding that something to fix you (although the right medication or therapist could play an important role in this process).

Healing then becomes more about the process of enhancing awareness of yourself and reclaiming your power.

This line of thought implies that underneath the pain, you are always Okay just as you are, no matter what you’re going through. You are never not broken.

The nature of the healing environment you find yourself in will either support you, or hinder you, in embracing that which may be standing in the way of you knowing you are never not broken.

The question is, which do you believe? Are you broken and in need of fixing, or are you never not broken?

It is this key belief that will guide you in finding the right support for you at this time in your journey to escape The Maze.