Did you hear the NEWS?  “Peace is breaking out all over the planet!  In every community, every hamlet, every city, even way in the back woods, outbreaks of peace are emerging everywhere.”

What would it be like to hear this on the 6:00pm NEWS?  Think about it.  Radical, isn’t it?  We hear so much about conflict, disaster, tragedy and death.  But, when have you ever heard of a peace outbreak?  Do we even think peace is possible?

Of course it is, but we forget about this.  Our attention is so often drawn to the dark side of human experience that it eclipses the other side. Have you fallen into this same rut?

Do you know in your HEART that peace is possible?  As the wisdom teachers have said, it’s an inside job.  The peace you live with inside is a reflection of the world you live in outside.

Is there peace breaking out inside of you?  Do you know how to unleash it?  Do you want to learn how?

There are pockets of peace breaking out all over the planet.

Spread the word.