A Transformative Experience For Finding Relief

From the Pain and Confusion of Trauma


What’s It All About?

For many of us, our body has become a battle zone.  A place riddled with conflict, where living with the disorienting effects of trauma has become our new normal.  Effects like overwhelming feelings, or none at all, repetitive dreams, loss of concentration, sadness, disconnect from our body and our real self, just to name a few.  Sound research is now demonstrating how Yoga is an effective way of finding relief from the pain and confusion they bring, mirroring what the Yogis of old have known all along:  that Yoga is a transformative practice.  It will change the way you feel inside.  It will change the way you relate to yourself and the world around you.

Assuming Responsibility For Your Own Experience

In entering this personal online space we create together, you agree you’re responsible for your own experience.  If you feel any pain beyond the sensation of stretch, you agree to pull back and not push yourself past it.  If you feel any other form of discomfort while engaging in the practices, you agree to first and foremost take care of yourself and your own well-being.  If this means stopping your practice for a few minutes or for the remainder of a group, you agree to do so.  In this way holding your own best interests in the highest regard.

How It Works

In the course of the Yoga for the Wounded Body online experience, you’ll be engaging in guided Yoga practices in the privacy of your own home.  Typically, breath and body awareness practices, relaxation practices, asana and meditation, will be offered.  You’ll be using blankets and pillows you have around the house, or perhaps your own Yoga mat, bolster and blocks, to support your body in the practices.  To enhance your practice, you can burn a candle if you’d like, or have a favorite scent floating through the air.  These are not necessary requirements to benefit from Yoga, however.  It’ll be your call.  Also, do wear comfortable clothing, nothing that will restrict or constrict your body’s range movement (a pair of jeans with a belt come to mind).  Last but not least, do come to each group with an open heart and the willingness to engage in this unique and what I hope will be, a deeply satisfying Yoga experience.

The fee for this 8 week online session is $299.CDN, payable in full before the session begins.

Your Enjoyment is Paramount

To ensure you’re having the best experience possible in the Yoga for the Wounded Body events, kindly answer the following questions: