Trust Wooden Letterpress Concept

Trust.  It’s a big word. A big word that can have a big impact on the quality of our life and on our relationship to our self and to others.

But what does it mean?  In relationship, it implies having faith in another.  That they are who they say they are and will do what they say they will do.  We join with them energetically in good faith through words, affection, and time, and believe what we see and hear from them is both real and true.  Trust enables us to build a relational bridge to the other, and to find connection there.  Humans thrive on connection. Our brains are hardwired for it.  Trust is fundamental to satisfying human relationships.

In the same vein, our relationships with others are rooted in our relationship with our self. What does it mean to trust our self?

It means we know our history, where we’ve been, what we’ve done, who we’ve been in relationship with, both within our own clan and outside of it.  We know how we’ve been treated by the people in our world, both those we care about and strangers too, and we know how we’ve treated them as well.  We’re friends with our emotions and respectful of our bodies. We know our thoughts and feelings, and our intuitions and desires. And we know the dreams we harbour for our future.  With trust, we can know who we are.  A relational bridge exists within us.  We live in connection to our self.

The question is, Do you trust yourself? A level of trust has been built within me. How about you?

In the next edition, we’ll be talking about what we can do when the relational link to our self has been shattered. That somewhere along the road of life, we’ve become disconnected from our precious self.