“If only I didn’t experience so much anxiety, my life would be better.”  “If only I weren’t so sensitive all the time, my life would be more enjoyable.”  “If only I didn’t drink so much, I’d wouldn’t feel so sick so often.”   Many many of us have something we’d like to deal with, a psychological something, that we believe if addressed well, would help our life start moving again, and we’d come to a place where we feel, well, good.  When you think about your psychological condition at this moment, your thoughts, fears, feelings, and hopes, what would you say is your #1 issue?  What tops your list as the one thing that if dealt with would make your life better?  Not only that, how would you want to deal with it?  I’m curious.  I want to know.  We all have something.  What is that something for you.  Let me know in the space below, or, use the contact page to share your thoughts.