Yogi Awtar writes clearly about how the mind plays the role of director in stage production called our lives.  It’s worth considering these ideas if you’re interested in living your life with intention and purpose.

‘Our minds make no judgment about the content of what we think, what we feel, or what we say.  Our mind is our servant and will make a reality in our lives from whatever we focus on.

What ever we focus on is what we become aware of and what we create. If we focus on less, it creates more of less. If we focus on pain, it creates more pain. If we focus on prosperity, it creates more prosperity. If we focus on peace, it creates more peace.

We are a consciousness, which can be experienced through our awareness. Be consciously aware of what you ask for, because you will get it. What ever we give energy to, our minds bring that into reality.’

So true.  You might want to consider experimenting with these ideas by watching what it is you are paying attention to in your own life, and by extension what is showing up there as well.  To what extent are you noticing a connection between the two?

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