Have you ever experienced resistance to what it is you really want?  What you know will be good for you and the forward movement of your life?  I have, and hope I’m coming out of it now . . . that is the resistance to the development of this site.  For months I’ve been able to do nothing more than think about what I needed to do, collect information about what I wanted to do, but do nothing else.  I could only sit in the resistance.  And as I sat in the resistance I found things like procrastination and fear and self-doubt.  I would reflect on these things in a Yoga posture, or conjure up the blog’s vision in a meditation, affirming its future success and goodwill toward all.  But this was all I could do, while waiting for the opening through which the accumulated energy could flow again.  Sometimes this is the best we can do in life.  Acknowledge things as they are and surrender to the rhythmn of life, trusting that ‘this too shall pass’.