Today is Mother’s Day.  It’s a time to remember mothers, one’s own as well as those around the world, who love their children the best way they know how.  Moms do the best they can amidst the stresses they encounter, both intrapsychically as well as from the world around them, in the course of raising their precious children.  I accept my mom has done the best she could in raising me.  As I remember her today, thinking of her as she lives the remainder of her life in a care facility after suffering a stroke, I cherish all of the love and devotion she has shown me.  She has given me life.  She has helped me to find my way in life.  She has been a source of strength and steadfastness along the way.  She has been a source of harm along the way as well.  Yet I know from the perspective of a matured daughter she has done the best she could.  I love her dearly for having taken the trouble to have loved me in the best way she knew how.