Some yogis call it ‘bare attention’, the practice of being present to experience.

Some Buddhists call it ‘mindfulness’, paying attention to the moment on purpose, and without judgement.

Some trauma experts refer to it as the path of awareness, that brings the survivor to the painful truth of their experience.

And then there are those in the recovery community who refer to it as ‘radical honesty’, the practice of being present to the experience of dishonesty, when it comes to healing from destructive and addictive behaviours.

Whatever it is called, it serves a similar purpose.  It serves as an opening to the potential for a new tomorrow.  Radical honesty, mindfulness, bare attention, the path of awareness, are portals out of personal suffering.  When you can be here now, and bare what it is you find there, you’re on your way to a more peaceful and clear sighted tomorrow.   Are you?