Your Journey into the Flow of Contentment


You’re going along in life, doing the best you can even though the sadness you feel is very real.  But you keep going anyway.

After all, you have responsibilities you need to take care of every day.  It may be to your family, your mate, your home, to your job, your friends, or to your many commitments in your community.

Like the graceful swan gliding across the surface of a still, silent pond, you continue to glide along in your busy life, seemingly untouched by the chaos that lives beneath the surface.

If people only knew what was really going on inside . . .  the sadness, the anger, the loneliness, the confusion.  Feeling unfilled, even though there’s so much going on.

Exhausted much of the time, you have the will to keep going, for others anyway.

Memories from the past keep intruding into the present for no apparent reason.  For some, you feel too much, for others, you feel too little, or nothing at all.

You cope the best you can using familiar things you have in your world, things you’ve learned will take the pain away for just a little while.  Things like shopping, food, sex, gossiping, alcohol, or for some it’s drugs, for others its gambling, and on it goes.

This is what your life has become . . .  the struggling . . . the suffering . . .  the coping.

But is it really living?

The late American Trappist monk and scholar, Thomas Merton, is quoted as saying:

“The truth that many people never understand until it is too late is that the more you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer.”

Are you one of those people?  Be honest now . . . are you one of those people who works hard to avoid your suffering?  There’s no shame in this realization you know.  In fact, truth be told, it’s so very human to not want feel it.

But we can get caught in there, and linger in the pain of it all for months, and even years on end, to the point where we start to wonder, “Is it too late for me?  Is this my destiny?”

How can it be our destiny to suffer endlessly when we humans hold the power to pivot away from what no longer serves us?  So in a loud, resounding voice, I say, NO, it’s not too late!

It’s not too late to make friends with the suffering you’ve been trying to avoid. To get to know it, to learn from it, and to do so in a way that will allow its residue to dissolve away naturally.

Letting go of our suffering makes way for something very special, and dare I say, life changing to happen:  It makes way for the REAL you to emerge.  The contented person you already are deep inside, who knows what it means to live your life the way YOU need to live it, with far less chaos, and much more joy.

There are many paths to this place called contentment.  But, “Which one is the right one for me?” you might wonder.

This is where I think I can help, with something I like to call the Peace Map:  Your Journey into the Flow of Contentment.

The Peace Map will help you to clarify more fully what your suffering has been all about, what has helped you to get this far in life in spite of the struggle, where you want your life to go, what’s holding you back from getting there, and finally, what type of help would best support your journey into the flow of contentment at this time.

I think it was the ancient philosopher, Plato, who once said:  “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

How much longer will you let your suffering drag on?  When will you begin the most important journey of your life?

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