Do you think it’s possible to move out of the conditions of mind called addict and trauma survivor? While each carry the burden of feeling trapped in a world of unending pain and suffering, each also holds the potential for relief and transformative change. The question is how willing are you to do what you can for yourself to grow out from where you are now and into a new way of thinking about yourself?  It’s a big question.  And for some, one that stimulates a genuine fear of the unknown.

What would happen if you were to do an experiment?   An experiment that would explore what it might be like to step out of an identity you’ve been tending for a long time (without knowing it) and into a new one?  In fact how about doing the experiment right now?  If you’re okay with it allow yourself to close your eyes, pause, exhale deeply, and take a moment to imagine what it might look like if you were to no longer be living with the pain you’re living with now?  How would you feel?  What would you be doing with your time?  Who would you be hanging out with? What would matter in your life now?  Who could you become?  It’s all worth imagining, as doing so could be the beginning of a whole new life and a whole new you.

For many of us however, the thought of change can feel oh so frightening.  It can keep us trapped where we are, even when we know we don’t want to be here anymore.   I’m going to let you in on a little secret:   To change is safe.  It’s built into the design of our being to move forward in life.  Some would say it’s why we’re here on this planet to begin with, to learn how to flow with the energy of life that is within us and all around us all the time.  It’s not change itself, but the resistance to change, that can prove to be so threatening to our health and well-being.  It stimulates suffering and stress in a way that can compromise our health overtime, not to mention prevent us from being present to life in the here and now.

So, where are you at with the thought of moving out of familiar pain?  Do you resist it?  If so, why might that be?  Big questions.  I welcome your thoughts below.