Right now I’m on Day 27 of a juice feast. That is taking into my body nothing but nutrient dense nutrition in the forms of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and a variety of complementary supplements like E3Live and Hemp Oil. I embarked on the feast because I felt my health and my life had come to a standstill. I had no energy to work on the blog, to plan for future goals, to work around the house, to have fun, or to spend time with valued friends. All I had energy for, and barely so, was to commute to work, work, and to commute home again. That was it. My brain and body both felt full. So I decided to reverse the experience, lighten the load, raise my energy, and regain my health. This is exactly what happened as a result of the juicing experience.

Not only that, but during this feasting period I’ve been given precious insights from my deeper mind about the emotional terrain that I’ve been travelling. I’ve been able to move through this lingering emotional material, particularly in relation to the interpersonal voilence in the workplace and subsequent job change that was mentioned in an earlier post. To this end I’ve been practicing Yoga and reading a variety of books to help clear my mind and understand what I’ve been going through. One such book is titled ‘Safe People’ by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend. It talks about who unsafe people are and the 20 identifying traits of unsafe people. It asks the reader to reflect on whether or not they attract unsafe people, and why they may be choosing to be with the wrong people and how to remedy the problem. The book also talks about safe people, who they are and why we need them. ‘Safe People’ has been a provocative and thoughtful read. If you’re not put off by Christian doctrine, reading this book will help you to understand the nature of the relationships in your life. And it will help you not only to restructure your approach to relationships but to start enjoying healthy and balanced ones as well.

I believe the emotional terrain I’ve been travelling over the past several months has facilitated spiritual growth. This growth can be summed up in the words of one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers, Dr. David Hawkins: “Anything that is less than integrous and loving you find increasingly painful as you progress spiritually.”