First, there was the peace train, from the popular Cat Stevens tune in the early 1970’s, that sang about how the train was coming to take us all home to peace.

Now, more than 30 years later, there’s a new way of travelling home to peace.  This time, there’s no train to jump on board, but simply a unique process to follow.

Let me explain.

We know there’s two ways of knowing peace, one is from the inside out, and the other is from the outside in.

With outer peace, we have little or no control over what happens around us, like on the global political stage, where decisions that are made can effect our personal safety and our potential for peace as a world community.

Then there’s inner peace, where believe it or not, we can have control over what we experience on the inside.  We can take control over how we react to what comes up on the inside in response to a threatening stressor on the outside.  This is the golden doorway to knowing peace in our heart.

An as we know, inner and outer peace are inextricably connected.  One cannot exist without the other.

Everybody wants peace.  Let me rephrase that, many people want peace, given recent events in Paris and those like it around the world.  But not all of us know how to get it.

It can be so confusing to know which way to go to get there.  Which one will be the best for us, and who we can trust to help us get there if we get stuck and need extra help along the way.

Plus, seeking peace inside is not about being selfish.  Quite the contrary.  This is about acting with compassion for our self.   Doing so can be just the right medicine for soothing old wounds and restoring vital energies.

Furthermore, for some of us, seeking peace inside may stimulate feelings of guilt.  That somehow we’re doing something wrong by caring for our self in a tender and focused way.  We must resist the temptation to align with this line of thinking.  It’s unloving.  No one will benefit from it in the end.

What if there were a way to get to peace that could be tailored to our own unique needs, our own unique history, our own unique experience on the planet.  One that would meet us where we’re at and show us the way home.

Well there is.

During this holiday season, when many of us celebrate peace on earth, can we get serious about harnessing our own power in the service of cultivating peace?  When we can harness this power, and then act on it, we’re powerful beyond belief.

To learn more about harnessing your own power, send me an e-mail and put “peace” in the subject line.  I’ll send you information about how you can embark on your one of a kind journey to peace.