Sometimes, one of the hardest things we can do is let go of our mind’s expectations, and simply go with the flow.

Go with the flow and ride the wave of whatever may come, knowing it’s in  service of our greatest good.  Hard to do, I know.  But worth the investment of time it takes to practice feeling comfortable here, as it lends itself to a fuller life.  As my words aren’t fully expressing what I want to say, let’s turn our attention to a wonderful wordsmith, American poet, Danna Faulds, and let her words do the talking.  This, through the metaphor of a favorite pastime of many, fishing, in her poem:

Gone Fishing

You seekers of truth,

  cast your nets beyond the mind.

  Bait your lines with longing,

  and let love be your lure.

  Watch and wait.

  Be patient while your bobber sits on the surface

  and it seems the expedition is for naught.

  That which you seek is out of sight for now.

  But here’s the captain’s guarantee –

  if you can have no goal but being one with waves and sunlight;

  if you can welcome equally the marlin and the minnow,

  your catch will be bigger than your dreams.

  When you draw up the nets and reel in the lines,

  your mind will have to open wide,

  or simply stop to receive such riches as these.

Consider spending some time with Faulds’s words.  Let them settle into a quiet place inside, where hope is born.