I’ve come to the conclusion that I work with a wolf in sheeps clothing.  Someone who presents themself as a helpless victim and then acts in a predatory fashion to get what they want.  Unfortunately what they have wanted is my good work.  But it has been the emotional manipulations, the not speaking to me for a week at a time, the marginalization from the team, the criticisms of my work that have been the most difficult to label accurately and digest.  But why I’ve wondered?  Envy is when we want what somebody else has and are willing to knock them out of the way to get it.  I think they want to do the work that I do, and they want the credit for work that I have initiated in the eyes of our therapist network.  If I were to confront them with their behaviour, I would run the risk of having it thrown back in my face.  It’s happened before.  It’s a form of bullying and social control.

How open are you to seeing the deceptions in your own world?  Can you see them?  Can you make sense of them?  Yoga is a wonderful practice to clear away the metaphorical film from the eyes so you can see more clearly what is happening around you.  And when you can see it, you can label it.  And when you can label it, you can take good action to deal with it.  In my case, the best I can do is to remove myself from a toxic work environment as soon as possible, and stop off at the Human Resources office to file a complaint on my way out.