Since writing the post titled ‘Deception’ in July, I left behind the toxic work environment I mentioned there for a healthier one.   The new organization has a clear no harassment policy which it adheres to, and the people I work with are level headed and dedicated to their work.   Since leaving the deception (and the bullying) behind, I really do feel better for having done so.   No more sleepless nights and unbareable stress levels during the day, that impaired my ability to think clearly and to perform well on the job.   Overall I feel lighter, clear headed again, and grateful to have been able to make a job change.  While I took a pay cut to do so, my health has improved significantly.  So the move was worth it.  Having a regular Yoga practice throughout this ordeal has helped me to stay close to my intuitive knowing about what the right thing is for me to do and say, as I’ve worked my way through it.   Good counselling has provided the emotional support I needed.  It validated my experience and helped me to stay grounded and to make good decisions.  Today I have the energy to return to blogging, which I love to do in my spare time.   All in all a difficult professional experience has yielded a change in my life that has unleashed fresh energy into my body, my work, and my life.   Change has brought welcomed relief indeed.