What does it mean to become peaceful?  What can we expect to encounter as we travel this inner terrain?  Here are 12 reflections to consider along this gentle path:

  • It is a process inherent to the human experience.
  • It unfolds at its own pace.
  • It has a rhythm all its own.  If honored, it will guide us gently through the “stuff” we need to go through to reconnect with the felt sense of being Whole.
  • It teaches us about listening inwardly to the signposts inside and outside ourselves that can usher us into a new way of being.
  • It also teaches us about truth, the value of speaking and feeling our truth.
  • It teaches us about the sovereignty of our feelings and of their forgotten ability to be our teachers, through the stories they can tell us about where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced in life.
  • It is versatile.  It can happen through more than one modality.
  • It can be shaped to fit us, our needs, our preferences, our notion of what healing is about.
  • It challenges our belief in whether we can, or cannot, heal.  Whether we think we can, or cannot, is true, and will influence the outcome of our efforts.
  • It is possible.
  • It can happen.
  • It is real.

Through my own efforts I believe I have become peaceful.  And yes, I have used both Yoga and psychotherapy to get there, or rather, here.  For this enhanced subjective experience, while not complete, I am still very grateful.  The question now is “Will it happen for you?”

Your comments about this important personal journey are welcomed below.  I’d love to hear from you.

On a related note, I’m getting closer to finishing my very first e-book whose working title is “Becoming Peaceful:  An Introduction to the Journey Through Trauma and Addiction”.  If you’re interested in getting a copy, please let me know and I’ll make sure one is made available to you.