During the day I work as a therapist and Yoga teacher in a community mental health office on the West Coast of British Columbia (Canada).   I love my work.  It offers me the opportunity to be with people struggling to overcome personal challenges that may be in the way of their living more fulfilling lives.  I’ve been specializing in psychological issues related to alcohol and drug addiction, compulsive overeating and psychological trauma for over 15 years, and look forward with affection to many more years of service in this field, as well as to my own growth and development as a result.  In my spare time, I enjoy blogging and developing this site, psychologicalhealingandyoga.com.   It began as a way of quietly sharing knowledge and insight about what I believe to be a very important, and oftentimes neglected aspect of the human experience, and that is psychological healing. My hope is this site will develop into a community of like minded souls travelling together down the road of life, finding comfort and inspiration in each other’s stories and companionship.