I’m reading a wonderful book right now written by a psychiatrist who is also a rishi, or seer.  It’s a fascinating read as it talks about the psychology of Yoga and how we can evolve our personalities through Yoga.  It details a range of practices to work with including the asanas, breathing, and cleansing.  Lifestyle considerations like what we put into our bodies and what we put into our minds are also discussed, as well as the self-restraints and social codes that can harmonize our internal and social interactions.  In addition, the doctor’s multi-layered understanding of the psychology of the chakra system is refreshingly clear and easy to understand.  I highly recommend this book.  It is written by Dr. Rishi Vivekananda (Brian Thomson) who has been a physician and consulting psychiatrist for over 40 years.  The book is published by Yoga Publications Trust, Bihar School of Yoga, India.  It is written for anyone who is interested in becoming the best they can be.